Ethan Daniels

Junior Developer


I am a Junior Developer currently attending the Mississippi Coding academy. From a young age i have always been facinated with computers and electronics in general. My languages i currently know are Python, Javascript, Php, HTML, CSS, SQLite3, mySQL


Restaurant Project

This is a project for a restaurant using bootstrap's responsive grid system

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Atm Project

This is a project i worked on for my evaluation it is a fully functional atm give it a look!

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Pac Dan Project

This is a project i worked on in my free time i called pacdan. It is a copy of pacman that i wrote from the ground up with python. I designed the sprites myself with free image editing software.

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960 Project

This is my 960 project. It was an asignment to teach the basics of a grid layout. I used JQuery to create a working carousel effect for the hero image.

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Bootstrap Project

This is my boothstrap project. My first time using bootstrap was interesting. I ran into alot of problems with this but managed to get everything situated properly with my page. I am not going to lie and say it was easy.

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